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Ferricwheelshipping by 464kiki

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April 23, 2011
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Touko idly stared out of the Ferris wheel carrier's window.  Touya and Jessi, her companions were talking in the seat across from her.  Everything would've been perfect if not for the empty seat next to her.


Cheren and Bianca were on the carrier below them, and as they ascended to the top, Touya noticed something.  Someone was manifesting next to Touko in a green glow.  And Touko was in a daze and depression to even notice it.  A hand was beginning to appear on Touko's hand.  Touya's eyes widened.

"Jessi.  Hey Jessi." he hissed.  Jessi turned.


"Look."  Sure enough, when Jessi turned, she saw the manifestation becoming clearer.  Green hair was beginning to grow on the head.  A void cube appeared on its pants.  The hand began to look more alive…and fleshier.

"What the-?!" Jessi whispered anxiously.  She spotted the Void Cube, and smiled.

"Oh, I see what he's doing."  Touya, however, did not, and was shaking in fright.  Touko was still not paying attention.

"What is that thing?!" he screeched, gaining Touko's attention.  Touko turned her head, and gasped.

N was manifesting right in front of her eyes.

"For the love of Arceus, Touya, N is not a thing!" Jessi snapped.  Touko just kept on staring while Touya bickered with Jessi.  N's eyes were closed, as if he was concentrating on something.  As he fully appeared inside the carrier, Touko felt his warmth, signaling that he was real and in the flesh.

"N…?" Touko uttered as N stopped glowing green.  He opened his eyes and looked at her.

"Touko…Touko…!" he said, and he hugged her tightly.  Touko was surprised at first, but then hugged him back tightly, a fresh wave of tears being unleashed from her eyes.

"It's you, N…I never thought I'd ever see you again!" Touko sobbed.  Touya and Jessi grew silent and quietly watched.

"I went to Hoenn hoping I could find some answers…but then I realized all my answers lay with you."

"N…" and Touko began to cry, the tears wetting his white jacket.  She halted her crying when she saw another green glow behind N.

"N, what's that?" she asked, pointing to it.  N turned and smiled as the glow revealed a Pokemon Touko hadn't seen before.

"Touko, meet Gardevoir.  Gardevoir has the power to teleport, and that's how I got here.  I just told Gardevoir to teleport me wherever you were, and here I am."  Gardevoir floated over to Touko and rubbed its cheek against hers.  Touko smiled and laughed.  Jessi and Touya gasped – Touko hadn't done that in a long time – genuinely, that is.

"A Gardevoir…" Jessi murmured, taking out her National Pokedex.  It was already filled with the Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, and she had just recently finished Unova.  Touya leaned over to read the information that was recorded on Gardevoir.

As the Ferris wheel carrier descended to the ground, Touko and N quickly caught up, and eventually, Touko fell asleep on N's shoulder.  Imagine Cheren and Bianca's surprise when a smiling Jessi and Touya emerged with N carrying a peacefully sleeping Touko.

N was back.  And he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Draw me closer, as if we are two magnets, that even if we separate, we will reunite again.
Another Ferriswheelshipping drabble! I couldn't think of a title, so I just thought of 'Magnet' since Touko is N's magnet. Where ever she is N will stick to her, and even if they are far apart, N can just use teleportation. XD And it's fluff. Bucketfuls of teh fluff. x3 It's FLUFFEH! XD

The lyrics at the end is from the song 'Magnet' originally sung by Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku. Look it up on YouTube and you'll get many results! A link to listen to it will be up soon!

The picture I used gave the inspiration for this drabble. I saw it on the Ferriswheelshipping tumblr [link] and it linked to its page on pixiv [link]

A first I thought that it was pretty cute and a bit creepy about N being almost transparent. Then I saw Touya's trembling hand at the bottom of the picture and I started thinking that it was just hilarious.

So enjoy! I'll be making another drabble!

Pokemon Black and White, Touya, Touko, and N is owned by Nintendo and Game Freak.
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thanks for writing this! You have made the world better because you brought this fanfic to the world. We all appreciate it :D
Shinwa-Tsuki Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
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That's sweet.and that's not Touka's hand,that's Austin's hand(the ace trainer who was afraid of heights)while he was having a mental breakdown.
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I always loved this fanfic. SO. MUCH.
The song is PERFECT for the relationship between N and Touko!
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at first when I saw that, I was freaking out....

Hey... N's all see through..... NO! HE'S A GHOST! HE DIED?!? NO!!!!

I loved the whole thing!
KateKanSketch Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
*dies* that was amazing :heart:
onyx-forerunner Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Student General Artist
I always think the same thing when I'm on the Ferris wheel.
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so cute. *sniff* COME BACK N I MJISS U!
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